Jesse McDuffy

Mr. McDuffy is a 1958 graduate of Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma with continuing education at Harvard Business School and the University of Virginia. Upon graduation he spent four years in the United States Airforce as a member of a group whose duties included the total automation of the Defense Intelligence Agency. In 1963 he joined the Defense Intelligence Agency Civilian Staff as a Senior Systems Analyst Continuing the work he started as a member of the United States Airforce.Mr. McDuffy joined the General Electric company in 1965 as a Senior Analyst with the Information Systems Division in Falls Church Virginia. He spent two years as a Senior Analyst and then became a sub unit manager for Intelligence Systems. He then moved to Bethesda Maryland as a unit manager responsible for the Agriculture Food Survey Account.

He joined North American Rockwell in 1970 as a part of a group of Senior Consultants responsible for the automation of the Identification Systems Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Washington D.C.

Mr. McDuffy joined Honeywell Information Systems, Federal Systems Operations, McLean Virginia as a Marketing Representative in 1971. His move into direct sales led to his becoming the Operations Director for the United States Airforce and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (AF/OSD). As Operations Director for the AF/OSD he was responsible for the overall management of all the marketing, sales and sales strategy; directing a corporate sales organization of 16 staff members and 153 field sales people. In 1986, Mr. McDuffy designed, organized and implemented the Honeywell Small Business Program. The Small Business Program was chartered to form business partnerships with 8A and small disadvantaged business contractors in the pursuit of mutually beneficial business opportunities with the federal government.

Mr. McDuffy formed McDuffy and Associates in 1989 focusing on relations between Small Disadvantages Businesses (SDB) and large corporations. McDuffy and Associates has consulting arrangements with numerous 8A/SDB’s located principally on the East Coast.