Help Desk

Customer Service Centers

Government agencies are continually challenged to do more with less, yet customer expectations are higher than ever. As agencies look for ways to enhance performance, improve cost efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, customer service help desks should be on the radar.

A customer service help desk blends personalized service with state of the art technology to provide swift, accurate, and friendly responses to customers who call in with questions, have technical issues, or need information. Implementing a help desk is an ideal way for an agency to satisfy customer demands for expedient assistance while also maintaining an unwavering focus on its core mission

A public-private partnership is an ideal vehicle for the implementation and operation of a help desk. This arrangement allows the agency to provide oversight and contract monitoring, while the private sector partner manages daily operations. In developing a Request for Proposal and contract, the agency can set standards that meet its needs and budget, and reward or penalize a contractor based on performance. A private partner generally has more flexibility than government to purchase; upgrade; and replace equipment; hire and fire staff; and implement innovations that will forward the goals of the contract. When a help desk is in the hands of a trusted partner, the agency can devote its complete attention to advancing Its mission.

Contractors with the right combination of help desk and call center experience can bring the best of both worlds to a customer service help desk. Total Customer Care is a vendor with this blend of experience.