Total Customer Care (TCC)

Total Customer Care (TCC) is a woman owned, small disadvantaged minority owned business enterprise. TCC has been in business for 15 years originally established as McDuffy & Associates LTD and now doing business as (dba) Total Customer Care.

TCC is a customer-driven professional organization headquartered in our nation's capital, Washington DC, with offices also in Fairfax Virginia. We provide a wide range of services and capabilities to meet the growing telecommunications, information technology program. Project management and other support requirements of our clients.

TCC provide solutions to increase your organization's efficiency, productivity and Customer Service. We team with your professionals to analyze your existing operations, formulate a strategic plan, develop and implement solutions to achieve your goals. Having a diverse knowledge of emerging technologies and a commitment to customer service allows TCC to provide superior services.

About TCC

At TCC we believe that "When we take care of our client's customer, our client will take good care of TCC." This focus has allowed TCC to flourish and we now hold several contracts with Fortune 100 companies and government.

Established in 1998, Total Customer Care (TCC), A Women & Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE), is a customer driven professional organization with operations in Washington, DC and Fairfax, Virginia. TCC specializes in delivering unmatched quality business solutions related to improving customer service and communications delivered through work teams and call center operations. Mrs. Madeline McDuffy started Total Customer Care upon her retirement after 30 years with Verizon Communications. TCC initially provided contract quality assurance through evaluations. While providing this and other services new opportunities were generated. In early 1998 TCC began to provide call center quality assurance, a process that closely followed Mrs. McDuffy's in Verizon between 1995 and 1997. In addition, TCC began to provide support in business process re-engineering and the development of strategic and tactical plans. In 1999, TCC and McDuffy and Associates (M & A) joined forces. M & A is a unique matchmaking firm serving the Washington Metropolitan Area for over 14 years; their matchmaking efforts focus on building relationships between, Small Disadvantaged, 8A certified businesses, and large corporations. M & A specializes in creating partnerships for businesses enabling small and minority firms to compete for major procurements in the local and federal government sector. Today TCC has expanded its variety of customer care services and now plays a major role in aiding companies in finding the right business solutions. At TCC it is believed that "When we take care of our client's customer, our client will take good care of TCC." This focus has allowed TCC to flourish and we now hold contracts with Fortune 100 and the government as well as working relationships with many Fortune 1000 companies.